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Brain maps for healing

Brain maps are ways that we connect with our bodies.  They differ for each person and affect their awareness and involvement in the healing process.  Dancers have unique access to brain maps by connecting physical, emotional, spacial, and intentional parts of the brain.  For this reason, I suggest practitioners who have an experience with dance or experience with working with dancers.

Here is a rough list of brain maps for identifying healing:

POINTS OF PAIN.  This is the easiest to identify.  This map can be accessed by deep pressure therapy and by the opposite principle of light touch used in accupressure and Craniosacral Therapy.

MERIDIANS or connecting lines between pain points.  The awareness of these maps can be developed by work with accupuncturists, chiropractors, and Craniosacral therapists.  Often a pain in one part of the body is related to or caused by a dysfunction in another part of the body.

ANATOMY MAPS.  An awareness of how muscles, bones, and tendons connect is developed in Pilates which concentrates on stretch and strength and  Zhealth which activates the nerves deep within the joints.  Massage and Craniosacral Therapy adds more information and sensation.

MOVEMENT MAPS.  For healing, crossing the mid line of the body activates more healing energy.  I use a healing movement from Tai Chi Chuan to encourage free movement of brain signals throughout my body.  Palms facing each other, I move them in figure eight patterns crossing my body from side to side.  My arms criss cross my body traveling up above my head and down to my knees.  To double the crossing of the mid-line, I turn my  head and hips towards the opposite direction my hands are moving.  Dance is a way to access and develop these maps as they connect to emotional areas of the brain.

LEFT BRAIN/RIGHT BRAIN MAPS.  Healing can be transfered from one side of the body to the other by moving the parallel healthy area on one side of the body to train a dysfunctional or injured part on the other side.

TOUCH MAPS.  Touching oneself and being touched activates an added attention to areas that need healing.  Touch maps can be activiated by the memory of the places that were touched during significant sessions of massage, Craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic adjustments, and even use of electrical and magnetic devices.

HEAT MAPS.  An awareness of parts of the body that hold more or less heat is subtle but can be seen in imaging devices and discovered in accupuncture and through Craniosacral Therapy as well as other hands on healing arts.  Training can give access to these maps.

LIGHT MAPS are a result of meditation that allows a person at rest to mentally explore their body in detail and bring bright light to an area that needs healing.  Some training in prayer and meditation is suggested in order to deal with unexpected intensities within us.


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Rehab right away-Get help

Get help to identify the source of the strain.  A pain can be caused by many things, some that need immediate medical attention, and some that can be corrected by a simple change or by focused attention.

Clues that a small change is needed is when you are fatigued, when you have not had enough water, and when a recurring minor pain just needs ice after every workout.

Clues that serious pain is a result of bad habits can be identified with Pilates, chiropractic, massage or Craniosacral therapy.  These practitioners can help identify when pain is caused by muscles that are not being used to support a movement, by tight muscles that inhibit movement, and by bones thrown out of alignment.

My experience with this type of exploratory work with pain has corrected ankle sprains with one chiropractic visit and stopped knee pain with proper stretches in Pilates.

Medical help and medication are a part of the exploration and need to be assessed at each stage.

Most important, I spend rehab time just paying attention to my body without distractions.  This is the real healing. time.

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Rehab right away-PreInjury Alert

  1. Pay immediate attention to any strain that hurts or even gives a slight twinge. 
  2. Attend to the strain right away with gentle stretches or pressure with the hands.
  3. RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

For me this means stopping for a moment when a strain occurs, touching the area to identify points of pain.  Then I hold pressure on the pain or gently cup the area with both hands.   If fatigue is the cause, I put my feet up on a chair in as subtle a way as I can depending on the situation.

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Tim's dance business journey

I keep returning to a basic realization that my happiness and satisfaction is primary to the way I treat myself and those around me. Whatever I choose to feel overflows and creates more of the same.

Throughout my career at Movin’ Easy I have tried to venture out and do something different. I push myself beyond my limits over and over.  At the time I feel that it is necessary to change either financially, creatively, or personally.  Then I come back to center, get a perspective on my struggle, and realize that where I belong is at Movin’ Easy.  When I thought of doing something else, I was always brought back to the great contribution that Movin’ Easy makes to dancers’ well being and to the growth of the community as a whole.

When I wanted to be more creative and leave the business, the message was “The business is your greatest poem.”

When I wanted to go back to teaching, the message was “teach your staff to build the world they want at Movin’ Easy.”

When I wanted to go into spiritual work, the message was “make Movin’ Easy a place of instant transformation that changes us and our customers the minute they enter.”

When I wanted to organize communities for greater cooperation, the message was “make Movin’ Easy the connector that inspires the greatness and uniqueness in each group.”

When I wanted to change the educational system, the message was “support the dancers who are already the explorers of what education really means.”

When I wanted to be a counselor or therapist, the message was “cultivate the connections with Movin’ Easy employees so that we all grow in positive ways in the ways we treat each other and our customers.”