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Rehab right away-PreInjury Alert

  1. Pay immediate attention to any strain that hurts or even gives a slight twinge. 
  2. Attend to the strain right away with gentle stretches or pressure with the hands.
  3. RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

For me this means stopping for a moment when a strain occurs, touching the area to identify points of pain.  Then I hold pressure on the pain or gently cup the area with both hands.   If fatigue is the cause, I put my feet up on a chair in as subtle a way as I can depending on the situation.

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Tim's dance business journey

I keep returning to a basic realization that my happiness and satisfaction is primary to the way I treat myself and those around me. Whatever I choose to feel overflows and creates more of the same.

Throughout my career at Movin’ Easy I have tried to venture out and do something different. I push myself beyond my limits over and over.  At the time I feel that it is necessary to change either financially, creatively, or personally.  Then I come back to center, get a perspective on my struggle, and realize that where I belong is at Movin’ Easy.  When I thought of doing something else, I was always brought back to the great contribution that Movin’ Easy makes to dancers’ well being and to the growth of the community as a whole.

When I wanted to be more creative and leave the business, the message was “The business is your greatest poem.”

When I wanted to go back to teaching, the message was “teach your staff to build the world they want at Movin’ Easy.”

When I wanted to go into spiritual work, the message was “make Movin’ Easy a place of instant transformation that changes us and our customers the minute they enter.”

When I wanted to organize communities for greater cooperation, the message was “make Movin’ Easy the connector that inspires the greatness and uniqueness in each group.”

When I wanted to change the educational system, the message was “support the dancers who are already the explorers of what education really means.”

When I wanted to be a counselor or therapist, the message was “cultivate the connections with Movin’ Easy employees so that we all grow in positive ways in the ways we treat each other and our customers.”

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Dance stripped to its essense Poem

When I go past the tease of bare bodies, past the dancer’s smile, past each dancer’s push into the lime light, what is it that captures me?

When I go past the form of the Latin whipped hip, the gripped leg line, the sassy and the whirling, the punched, the fleeting, and the slithery, what is it that captures me?

When I go past the luscious personality and the spunky, the tendered and the guarded, the raw and the pained, what is it that captures me?

What captures me is not easily spoken because the sheer energy of the dance pulls something from me that connects with the dancer.  That connection is like a blossom of feeling, exuberance, anticipation, pride for myself and the dancer.  Simply, we share the powerful waterfall that we call life.

What captures me in that waterfall has something to do with the vulnerability of someone standing out there alone or with a partner or a group.  They are baring everything they are and challenging every part of themselves.  That bravery is more than I can often summon.  I am in awe and totally thankful for the dancer taking the steps that I do not.

So when I am connected to the dancer’s energy in all my feeling and awe, what captures me?  Again the vulnerability stands right out there and I see my own vulnerability.  I see us all in the same boat as powerful and awkward, as catching the moment as quickly as we can.  We are all very human people.

In that vulnerabiliy, something of the beauty in each person stands out beyond the skin showing costume, beyond the elegance or the slinky postures.  Even in competition, the prime currency becomes whether the dancer excells their own doubts and states clearly who they are as a person.

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Thank you Austin professional companies

Thank you to Ballet Austin, Tapestry, Kathy Dunn Hambrick Dance Company, Blue Lapis Light , Sharir Bustamante, Deborah Hay Dance Company and all the companies that spend their total energy on perfecting their art and expressing the choreographer’s vision.

Thank you for developing the art form of dance to excellence in skill and passion.  When choirs of the Middle Age monasteries reached a purity of tone and harmony, they would say that an unknown third voice would appear that they identified as the Virgin Mary.

Thank you to our professional companies for reaching such a level of excellence that we can hear a third voice opening our hearts as audience revealing gasps of awe that flow through an entire audience and igniting the sheer delight that makes us want to applaud all the night through.