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Dance is fundamental brain food

Here is what Steven Brown and Lawrence M. Parsons say in Scientific American:

  • Dance is a fundamental form of human expression that likely evolved together with music as a way of generating rhythm.
  • It requires specialized mental skills. One brain area houses a representation of the body’s orientation, helping to direct our movements through space; another serves as a synchronizer of sorts, enabling us to pace our actions to music.
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    What to wear Swing dancing

    by Jo Ann barnes

    I’ve been dancing swing for over 20 years in Austin (and around the country). We used to wear skirts, dresses – and very high heels – ‘dress clothing’ and the former dance briefs and dance hose. Then…the shoe manufacturers started making comfortable dance shoes – and the ladies now wear dress slacks – or jeans – and sweaters, glitter tops (longer styles, glitter, sheer). This wear is more comfortable for the ladies – and we can wear lower dance heels. (I do save my high heels for ballroom dancing – with skirts or dress slacks.

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    Watching Modern Dance

    Modern dancers and their contemporary dance offspring are our explorers. They go first into the caves of our minds and emotions, into the wilderness of our fears and hopes. Because the body is their paint brush and canvas, we experience with all our senses what other artists symbolize in other materials.

    Watching modern dance is going into a wilderness of uncharted territory, . I have to be willing to explore the ramblings of the choreographer’s mind and respect their courage for going where I could never imagine. My own perspective becomes a testing ground for their boldness and their quiet moments of reflection.

    History has shown us that changes of perspective are often seen in art prior to the understanding of the principles in science. Choreographers like Deborah Hay are aware that her explorations of the body help us to understand the changing perspectives in scientific and psychological theory.  In this way all of our explorations are connected and we are all changing moment by moment by our courage to look around and willing go to the next step.

    Watching dance, and especially modern dance, is one way I exercise my courage and willingness. Absorbing every nuance of movement becomes a compassionate look at my personal exploration and an attempt to explore with the performer.

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    Save the knees with dance shoes

    Save the Knees with Dance Shoes One of the sure ways to keep the body safe and working to its max is to wear the proper shoes. Yes, good dancing shoes matter for women, children, and for men. A perfectly fit dance shoe will save you much pain and physical surprises throughout your life.

    A dance shoe has a special sole and is designed to the shape of your foot so that you can move easily in any direction. Bulky, loose shoes are not only dangerous, they hamper your movements and make learning to dance more difficult.

    Unfortunately, discount versions of children’s dance shoes fall into this category of bulky and “hard to dance in” shoes. Children, most of all, are dancing for the pure joy of movement and do not need an uncomfortable shoe that has been fit sitting on the floor at a discount store.

    Social and ballroom dancing shoes are critical for teens and adults who want to keep their bodies working well so they can have more fun dancing. Sticking to the floor does not help your dancing. Running shoes and casual shoes with rubber bottoms are notorious for damaging ankles, knees, and hips as the dancer tries to turn and move quickly from one direction to another.  In addition to making turning easier, a dancing shoe is secure on the foot, reinforced for extra support, and balanced to give more security between moves.

    A professional fitting at Movin’ Easy DanceWear, whether for a highly technical pointe shoe, a ballroom shoe, or a children’s shoe, involves trying several different shoes. We explore your desired look and what you need with different styles, widths, openings for ankle and toes, types of straps, height of heel, padding, and support. The goal of a well-fit dancing shoe is to make dancing easier and more fun by providing comfort, security, and ease of movement. All of this and they make you look great as a bonus.