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Real healing time

Real healing happens deep inside the connection between the brain and the body..  Every body maintenance practitioner recommends that we get out of the way so our body can heal itself. Medical doctors even prescribe muscle relaxants so we will avoid using a muscle and keep it from healing.


My job is to pay attention and not keep doing what I was doing to hurt myself in the first place.


To make sure I pay attention and give my body a chance to heal, I set aside a few minutes every day to get really deep rest.  During that time, here is what I do:


  1. Stay as still as possible
  2. Calm myself by listening to music or by singing
  3. Create in my minds eye a series of body maps tracing brain signals passing throughout my body.  By imagining the body maps, I find the areas of my body where brain signals are moving easily and where they are being blocked by strain or injury.
  4. Spend time paying attention to those areas and encouraging healing with imagination, gentle movement, and touch..
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Dance Now-Here's why

 Attitude goes up,

 Discouragement goes down,

Laughter and delight are the norm,

You are surrounded by inspired people,

Meet people in a safe friendly atmosphere

Dance fits everyone’s learning style whether you learn best by watching, by following instruction, by getting the feel, or by exploring on your own.






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Easy start to dancing

Dance is a great entry level exercise because dance is learned one step at a time and because even the first step can be used immediately to dance to the music.

Everyone is welcome because beginners and experienced dancers can be doing the same steps and learning at their level.

You choose how you want to learn, whether keeping your dance simple or moving quickly to more advanced levels.

Dance can be practiced at any time of day and can be adapted to many different locations

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Tim's over 65 train and rehab

I am no model of a great dancer, but here is what I do to keep the fun in my dancing at 65

1. Build muscle flexibility and strength with Pilates, ballet, modern dance, and yoga movments.

2. Build stamina with social and folk dancing, and walking.

3. Build joint mobility and strength with Z-Health.

4. Correct muscle weaknesses or pain with Pilates or chiropractic.

5. Integrate body learning with CranioSacral or massage therapy.