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Open Letter to Protesters of Bad Bodies

Who are we that protest so eloquently?
We argue that our knees grind. Yet we grind every step into the ground.
We insist our spine is our culprit. Yet we crumple it as if it were ready for the trash.
And our hips are so untrue to be bone upon bone. Yet what are hips for except to sit?

Yes we exercise. We seek definition. And yet we injure whatever we want and the doctor says we have to rest six weeks. We know the story from the last time, “Give the body a chance to heal.”

Have we not noticed what the dancer has discovered?
Being erect is not a grind. Lifting ourselves up is easier than one plus one.
Pulling the body with the legs is out of date. The body moves. The legs spring.
Discipline comes from the love of movement.
Quality of movement connects our brain and our body and our desire and our hope.
Quality of attention is the key to preventing and nurturing injury.

It is the same old story, “Give the body a chance. Dance!”

Tim Hurst. 05/20/17

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Open Letter to Doctor Doctor

Doctor! Doctor!
You say exercise feeds us what we need.
For our depressions, for our pain, for everything it seems.

And oh Doctor Doctor!
You say meditation does it too and maybe yoga too!

But Doctor,
Did you notice that dancers combine the three since the times of our most ancient trees?

I wonder what you see Doctor
When you do not see that it is the quality of movement that nourishes us.
And oh yes the quality of focus and thought that bond us to our movement.
And the quality of hope that binds us into a whole as one and as many.

It is difficult to see that living within the quality is a nourishment along with a delight of excellence.
Tim Hurst. 05/20/17

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Live Performance

To The Dancer
After seeing Sharon Marroquin’s Las Cuatros Estaciones: A Story of Human Trees.

When I experience your creation, my neurons not only mirror a creation, my mirror is of you, of each performer, connecting everything.

Thank you for the bravery of your dance to touch the anguish of a repeated life, the resplendence of clarity, the despair of conflicting lives, the freshness of new birth.

A scientist can record the pathways in you, in me, mirroring every second of your creation.
Yet you and I are the experience of everything connecting, an experience beyond any pathway.

My mirroring of your creation creates a garden of seedlings exponentially unique in myself. Together we create a fresh garden of seedlings that create structures that connect us all in unique ways.

We build worlds with each dance that speak for themselves and create fresh worlds.
Tim Hurst. 03/24/17

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Open Letter to Children

To the Children
You know what you have to do, grow and teach us to grow with you.
Everything you bring with you is beyond our understanding so we will do the best we can to learn with you.
You have a big challenge, to remind us that we are building a world with every movement and sound we make.
We may not notice all the worlds you are building. We may not be able read the clues you give us. We may not be able to hear all your songs, experience all your dances, or see all your drawings. And especially we may not know their importance to the new worlds you are building.

We may not able be able to see the world you are building in sand or in climbing a wall. We may interrupt you thinking that your play is not a major creation in your life.

Even though we think you are doing everything for our approval, please keep building and be patient with our many blank spots in our eyes, our feelings, and our brains. And especially keep dancing and singing and drawing until we get a clue of the person you are becoming.

Be patient, we are one dimensional and we can not distinguish the multiple dimensions you know as wide as the horizon.

What we have to teach you is hope, trust, and the benefit of continuing to build your world. We may not be the best examples but we will love you and give you the best we have.

What we teach you may sometimes contradict what you need to do, to grow and to teach us to grow.
Best Refresh to you, Tim Hurst. 02.15.2017