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Open Letter to Doctor Doctor

Doctor! Doctor!
You say exercise feeds us what we need.
For our depressions, for our pain, for everything it seems.

And oh Doctor Doctor!
You say meditation does it too and maybe yoga too!

But Doctor,
Did you notice that dancers combine the three since the times of our most ancient trees?

I wonder what you see Doctor
When you do not see that it is the quality of movement that nourishes us.
And oh yes the quality of focus and thought that bond us to our movement.
And the quality of hope that binds us into a whole as one and as many.

It is difficult to see that living within the quality is a nourishment along with a delight of excellence.
Tim Hurst. 05/20/17

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Life Gift Self

Were each individual a unique case of a larger whole?
We’re each unique fractal of the same curve?

We’re my dance a following of same curve to its end
where my delight weaves a fresh new story?
Tim Hurst 05/14/17.

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Life Gift Infinity

Were Life to be infinite and experience of Life to be of infinite variety?

Would my brain hold the brightness of the dancer curious and light?

Would I rotate my experience to expose variation beyond expectation?

How limited is my perception, my brain, my emotion, my courage, my sense of self?
Could I hold it all without splitting apart?
Tim Hurst. 05/14/17

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Life Gift Human

Human what could I ask when my body gave my brain permission to launch?

Was it a dawning of a misty morning?

Was my only language the dance shared with bees, birds, and playful bears?

Can I only find traces of those seminal moments in the dances bursting from my heart?
Tim Hurst 05/14/17