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Riding the Dancer’s Cusp

Looking for a Manual!
We humans are put here to go deeper than we can comprehend.

We say repeatedly, “There is no manual for this.” We know that life is beyond our meager understanding.

Yet what is our first goal of every day? Write the manual. We have to write the manual. Then we have to be bold enough to claim the manual as truth. Then we have to lead everyone we know into a battle to achieve the consequences of our truth.

We know our manual is not a final version. Uncertainty and vulnerability are our greatest gifts that keep us curious and creative. Both these qualities also bring to us the insistence that we summarize the day’s lessons as quickly as possible.

So we ride on a cusp balancing everything we can summarize and everything beyond our desire for certainty. We declare victory with every insight and then we look at the circumstances in our lives and have to admit that our insight only vaguely applies to this fresh moment.

Life is built on transformation. Even more confounding is that life is built on the rising and falling of transformation. The wave rises and falls. Everything becomes an inhale and an exhale, a gathering and an integration, an intensity that glows as a huge fire and as an ember, as light and dark.

Every human study and endeavor is attempting to ride this cusp of expanding and contracting. The shape that we identify with the journey of this ride is the spiral. The spiral is the curve that continues, that ventures and at the same time records its journey.

Where I Look.
I look for a journey riding the cusp of what I think I know and what the next moment reveals. Because of my particular experience I must not leave behind any aspect of myself as a human. If I can not grasp how to master all myself, I can at least experience what I can of my workings.

To experience as much as I can about myself, I look to a most primitive study, dance and music. Both engage every part of the human, the brain body connections, the emotions, the hopes, the thoughts, the nurture of ourselves and other life.

With dance and music what I find is a paradigm, a process for responding to the freshness of the next moment while summarizing and recording my entire experience. The clearest test of this paradigm is the reality that every time I try to repeat my recorded experience, I discover a completely new experience. This test is true of groups as well as individuals. Every performance of music or dance becomes a unique experience for the performer and the audience. This is also true of the teacher and the student who have a new experience with each repetition of a dance or a song.

Of course the stated goal is the same for artists, scientists, and engineers. They look for a manual that they can follow, that they can perfect. But everyone of them has to admit that the circumstances change faster than the brain body can grasp. So we all are in continuous motion along a cusp. We get to choose the cusps we will focus on.
Tim Hurst 09/09/17

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