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Movement Poems

4:44 am
Young man I see your aligned spine
Straight as the day is narrow.
Your step vibrant and strong.

To my fault I see your forgotten memories,
The childhood tilts as an airplane,
The spins that set your mind right.

I wish for you and me the play of the diving Crow, the Bear cub, the Dolphin.
We could at least prepare for the unexpected slight that one day takes our breath away.

4:53 am
Young child I see your memory fade away.
There was a time when we all danced and sang with you hours upon hours
Our camping fires flickering the night with delight.
Our joy burst from us and joined on a path that knew no bounds.

So much harder it is now for you to touch the precious in yourself
And even harder to say, yes life is for living and I am life.
Tim Hurst 12/12/17

4:56 am
Young dancer I see you moment by moment opening memory,
Memory of the curious, asking of the moment to open.
I am inspired by each surprise you find behind each asking.

I wish for you and for me to move in agility until all our memories open.
Tim Hurst 12/12/17

Young worker sitting at your arduousness, I see you.
Yes your body complains year after year kindergarten or CEO.
Sitting may as well be called stilling because we and even our meditators
Instill a force upon ourselves to sit still.

Of course there is a purpose of stillness, to move our thoughts, or our fingers.

To my fault I see the cascading memories of movement fade away each moment. Gone is the memory of our selves as continuous and agile movement like music, like a dance.
Tim Hurst 12/12/17

5:15 am
The breath of the singer is a study of agility.
Wish that I and we could open in like anticipation
Of the beauty we can find within.

Our bodies would know the memory of a yawn
That opens every cell in preparation for so much oxygen.
We would again welcome a lifting of ourselves
While spreading our ribs and wings to make space for breath.
We would remember that each breath awakens toes and nose.

We would remember the thankfulness of heart and chest rising like meeting the sun.
Our throats would open as would all the openings surrounded by our collar bone.

All the breath we have welcomed will rush through raising soft palates, bringing a surprise Ah to our throats. Our backs become new born freshness with breath expanding our edges.

At the top of breath we peak at what the next moment can be, rollercoaster or glider. At these moments all cells speak with movement, nasal passages quiver, third eye’s nurture, cranium bones prepare to release geysers of life from their top most joints.

All this is the life of one breath for the singer. We sit and wait for a rendering of sound vibrations revealing this one singer.
Tim Hurst 12/12/17

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Cranium for Healing

Today I simply want to be present with my weakest and now infected area, the bladder. The sensation points in the area are the pelvic diaphragm and the lower vertebra of the spine. I gently move these areas to establish a general area of the irritation.

I image the entire area floating in three dimensional space and in continual motion. My attention can move through the image to identify areas that can use specific movement.

I want to send supportive signals from other areas of my body. This involves the body as a network that naturally sympathizes with a hurt area and can limit its movement and its ability to support the harmed area. I want instead to minimize the spasm of other areas contracting because of hurt in my bladder area.

The area I choose is the Thorasic Inlet surrounded by the collar bone and the spine of the scapula. These are the guard rails of the highways of blood vessels, nerves, and muscles that connect the head with the lower spine and body.

By relaxing this area and lifting my head, inhale and exhale come easily and signals can gentle be sent to my pelvic region. A natural reaction takes place identifying specific areas of the Cranium and how I can use them for healing.

First is the Cranial base releasing the hyoid bone opening the lower jaw and bobbing the head around the top two vertebra.

Second the back of the throat opens expanding the breath begun by relaxing the Thorasic Inlet. The soft palate at the top of the mouth softens and raises in the mouth almost as a surprise response.

These growing responses from below the throat to the balancing top vertebra to the throat opening and the palate rising, bring a quality of lightness to the lifting of my head. Almost as a celebration of these connections, I send signals from these area to my pelvic area.

The two way signaling to the hurt area builds awareness and multidimensional signals for clearer support.

One other area revealed itself with a specific image. The Meditative Diaphragm begins at the Third Eye and sits in front of the pineal gland before the meditative spot at the back of the head housing the Fourth Ventrical. This entire area is named the Centrum by John Upledger founder of Craniosacral Therapy.

I have activated this area before but was surprised by the intensity of its energy. Today I experienced a new image that relates to the calming nature of this area. The image is a germinating seed about the size of a fig. The image of a seed is unique because it is growing and preparing to sprout but all this is happening slowly.

This is a perfect image for meditation because there is nothing to do but be present with the potential of the seed. So while dancing I can bring up calmness by focusing on the growing of strength and clarity. The Ballet develope becomes a different experience from,this place.

For my current concerns my hope is that this meditative space along with the joy of dancing will lower my blood pressure.
Tim Hurst 12/11/17

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Healing Proceeds

Spinning with slower double helix for sensation to the outer edges of the pelvic diaphragm.
Connection of double helix to Dancers Diaphragm and to Cranial Platform and top vertebra.

Healing is proceeding slowly. Pain goes away with movement but infection still nags me.

I realize that healing is not dependent on my step by step process. Healing has to do with my clarity of asking, recognizing, and accepting the signs and responses necessary for healing. I have to ask myself to wake up to that process and not wish my actions were the cure.

Secondly, I think my image of the double helix is very powerful and my vision of interlocking bands may be too forceful. Changing the double helix to rays of light open my perspective to a broader view and an enlivening one.
Tim Hurst 12/10/17

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Resisting Healing States

As I proceed in my quest to massage and free my bladder from pain, I come across a resistance. I know this well especially when trying to slow down my movement, my thought, or my runaway energy.

In meditation as I begin to slow down I want to move around. I sometimes must have the car radio on or some activity to keep my mind occupied. All these are my resistance to slowing down and receiving calm or even a basic care for how I am doing. Too tired, hungry, frustrated, in pain, all these elude me as I resist slowing down enough to respond.

So this morning I am spinning following the gentle spiral of a double helix image. The image is my massage tool to encircle and undulate the bladder area. Yet as I slow down to receive messages from the area, I feel the urge to keep the speedy spin going. Acceleration is exhilarating and it seems easier to feel the entire body engaged at once.

Yet when I slow down, my whole system want to urge me to speed up. I can only surmise what this feeling is, a deference to my directed system of body brain or a fear of knowing too much or a lack of responsibility to respond once I am asked to respond. Whatever it may be I have only one approach other than forcing myself to be still in meditation or increasing the intensity of my focus on moving slowly.

One approach is to follow the movement. In meditation we are encouraged to follow the breath and allow energy to flow through us. In dance, acceleration and deceleration are two ends of a spectrum so the approach is to simply follow the movement to the end of the spectrum of slowness and then stillness. This is a specific study in dance and feels normal.

These are procedural answers that seek to by pass the resistance. My problem is that if I have to keep thinking and conjuring up ways to get around resistance, that takes away energy and throws me more toward the forcing of myself to sit still or moving slowly.

Instead I always revert to one basic approach. I ask. This is more elusive and comes with more responsibility. I ask myself to accept the slowness. I ask my body what it needs to release. I ask to receive strength, care, and clarity from the basic processes of life within me.

Asking and willingness to receive is called surrender. This is a different network of brain and body that has no goal, only to receive. Challenging? Confusing? That is why most people do not pray to know and respond.

Surrender is an open space with no guarantees, only the freedom from direction to receive what we need. Of course the warning is that as humans we jump to conclusions and deceive ourselves. Comes with the territory and means for me more asking and more listening. Argh. I do not want to make the mistake from deceiving myself. I do it anyway and get back to clarifying my question so that I can recognize the next message as clear.

This is more information than any of us wants to know. So we choose our piece of the pie that we can live with and ignore the rest. That has got me here with a compromised system allowing my blood pressure and bladder to respond to my busy life. More asking now and more surrender to an open view that allows agility of movement to prevail. Tim Hurst 12/08/17