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Dance this way to real living-African Childrens Choir

The African Children’s Choir shows us what full out energy is when we combine singing and dance.  They are making a tour of churches. This is where our earliest ancestors discovered religion and community commitment and my guess is this celebratory and mourning process was the way they learned to build new brains.

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Dance fast track to learning

Dance among all of the arts is the fast track to learning.  Example after example, study after study, dance changes the way we learn, and how we think about learning.  Children become better students.   I appraoch my llife differently at each stagte of my dance study.

Something happens in the learning pathways to free up the movement of information, to build connections to planning, commitment, and the ability to discard old patterns to make room for new ones.  These processes are usually noticed as a change in self esteem or an ability of students to focus or make a commitment to their studies.

For me the changes come in being open to ideas or opportunities, to sorting out emotions that move energy or block energy, and always my process of understanding how to benefit from the vulnerability of leaping into the next dance.

Studies have show the same benefits from the study of music and art.  Dance is obviously a unique combination of the arts that uses the whole body as paint brush, canvas, melody, and syncopation.

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Cha Cha breakthrough

Breakthrough.  Brain splash.  Little step.  Big step.  Finally I remember a sequence.  The feeling is ecstatic.  Rudy says, get rid of the deer in the head lights look.  Yet deer I am, running into a light that keeps me going.  Cha Cha is the form which is too fast for me to remember piece at a time.  The thought, the move, the feeling, the attitude have to all come at once.

As usual I have to enter as if leaping off a cliff, knowing nothing.  Yet now there are patterns there without the delay of a slow computer.  The delight of dancing as usual is that by entering I override any doubts or fears of getting something right or wrong.  There I am with the dance.  And now the dance is with me carrying the anticipation of what is coming, the knowledge of how to signal the lead to Ginger, and where to go with my whole body.

All of this is very rough and at a beginning stage, clunky to say the least.  Rudy has his work cut out to get me to a new level.  And a now, once more with feeling.

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Bartel's Dance Carousel poem

Carousel presented by Ellen Bartel/Spank Dance Company  01/20/09 Salvage Vanguard Theater

 Poem by Tim Hurst 01/20/09

And now presenting dancing beyond your wildest wishes, the Ziggy Ziggy Follies Follies, movie movie dream dreams, Martha Martha Graham Graham, with all of the Ginger Ginger Astair Astairs and the Fred Fred Roger Rogers, and featuring the Spank Ariel and Williams to speak a little of a lot, and coming by way of the back alleys of the Vaudaville and the Cecil B Da Villes, here tonight for your spewing pleasure is Ellen Bartel’s Carousel.

Stayed tuned for one minute reviews.