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Please select a Date, Time-Slot, and Your preferred Movin’ Easy Pointe Shoe Specialist that you would like to work with. If simply looking to schedule the next available fitting appointment or Specialist select First Available/No Preference 

Movin’ Easy charges a Service Fee of $10.00 for our Pointe Shoe fitting service. This cost is for the operations of Movin’ Easy Dancewear and is not payed to the Fitter as a form of tip or gratuity.  However, We do encourage our Customers tipping their specialist if they feel inclined as it is very appreciated by our  Specialist.

Submitting any Booking request in turn means your Fitting Appointment is then pending, and under review from our Booking Managers.  At that time your request with be reviewed and confirmed by Movin’ Easy via the email you provide in the form below.

Once Confirmations for your preferred date and time-slot have been received you will receive a reminder of your appointment via email or text message from Movin’ Easy. We ask that if you need to cancel, reschedule, or modify your appointment times please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by phone: 512-474-0980 or email:

Please Note *Movin’ Easy strives to uphold the highest standard of safety for all of Our customers, and factors in the individual dancers needs independently of, and without bias to any one Style, Brand, or Maker of Pointe Shoes that Movin’ Easy carries.

***Movin’ Easy Dancewear makes it our mission to fit ALL Dancers and ALL People equally***

We do our best to find the best fit the first time as the proper fit ensures the safety of our customers who dance en pointe. If at any time our specialist deem a potential risk a possibility we will ask the dancer to then submit some form of approval from Teachers, Studios, and Parents that states there in fact said dancer does indeed possess the required skill set, strength, and experience to safely dance en-pointe.  You will ask to ascertain such documents and submit them to Movin’ Easy before we would continue the fitting. However we understand this will be very unlikely, however both Movin’ Easy and Movin’ Easy’s Pointe Shoe Fitting Specialists can not be held liable for any accidents or injuries in any way. This service is at your own risk and is understood by the dancer, customer, or parent(s) that by using our services you agree to these terms upon rendering such services. This is to ensure the safety of our customers.

Movin’ Easy would love nothing more than to see ALL of our dancers succeed in fulfilling the hopes, careers, and dreams of all who choose to shop with Movin’ Easy Dancewear.

Movin’ Easy considers Our Customers privacy one of the highest priority, and will never share, sell, nor store your data for any other purpose than to serve and improve our relationship with our valued customers and community.

Any information submitted is  private and confidential.

Thank You in advance, We look forward to serving you soon!