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Dancing Refresh

A common phrase used when trying to understand the refresh process of dance is “It’s more than an activity, it is a way of life.” This phrase is used mostly to try and find some certainty that there is one way of life that works to keep us encouraged and productive.

The essence of the dancing process is the “refresh” that happens every moment. Refresh rather than one way of life is a moment by moment play between vulnerability and certainty, between strengthening toward a goal and the open-ended reflection on the surprises that occur in the process.

Refresh is not one way of life but a way to navigate the meeting of many “ways of life” at once. Refresh is both gathering all that “works” and integrating the unknowns of moment by moment surprises. What this means is that each moment is “a way of life” that asks to be integrated into all the other ways of life from our experience and from the experience of our ancestors.

The dance process integrates both processes into one activity as does music. Yet one derail element of this central refresh process is our love for distraction. Distraction is a part of our tool kit to rest and rejuvenate. Yet our weak link is a desire for self deception. Usually it is a belief that “I know what is best no matter what consequences to myself or others.” At its extreme we call that approach insanity or for everyone else, we call it distractions or addiction.

Dance classes happen as a group. That is not a mistake. The dance learning process is as much a mirroring of our teachers and fellow dancers as it is our own discovery. Our tendency to deceive ourselves is always brought to the next moment of vulnerability that is the insistence that we engage fully and integrate information as we go.

The human system is built for the intricacies of these binary shifts on many levels at once. What the human system is not built for is the avoidance of error or self deception. This is clear when we look at what we value more than our opportunity to refresh each moment.

Our most intimate inclination is distraction. In our multiple shifts between goal specific focus to a broader unifying focus, we shy away from the broad integrating focus sometimes called the day dream or meditation or prayer. We replace the vulnerability and unknowns of the broad focus with a temporary certainty that our distractions and addictions are more important than any future consequences. See Dancing Refresh Model to continue reading.
Tim Hurst 01/01/18