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Dancer’s Journey: Emotional Intelligence for Young Dancers 13-18

Every Saturday, June 9th – 23rd @ 10am

To be held at  Movin’ Easy Dancewear

How can we support healthy balance and emotional well-being in an endeavor that requires extreme skill and sustained dedication?

Welcome to Dancer’s Journey, the workshop in emotional intelligence for young dancers (13-18) offered by Jinji Willingham, LPC, of Stage of Life Counseling. The 3-hour workshop incorporates a variety of personal reflection, interpersonal sharing, somatic awareness, and mindfulness practices to explore the vulnerability of embodied expression, excellence-seeking, and evaluation. Attendees will leave the workshop with a tool-kit of emotional intelligence skills to build compassion and equanimity – allowing them to pursue their dancer’s journey and all life endeavors with courage and resilience.

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