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Eye Body Integration

I experiment with eye movements to reconcile the two sides of my body. So I close one eye and move the other. I vary my movement and stillness, I spin, I lay down, I float in the bath. I sing to activate the right vocal chord while moving either eye.

The result is a vulnerable feeling. New territory. New integration.

I have to add an image of filling and emptying myself along with the eye movement. This image is more than an inhale and exhale but similar in the wave like motion of anticipating a rise and a fall. This image reminds me of moments when I feel more certain and comforts me that being vulnerable rises and dissipates the same way that being certain does.

To give a little background, I have found areas of my myself that need to be sewn back together. These areas are my sense perception of right and left body, specific muscles along my right side, my right vocal chord that sometimes vibrates and sometimes does not.

To reach these areas, I experiment with one simple movement of my eyes that I identify as fractal movement. I begin with a simple curved line and add a loop to the line, then I add a loop to that loop, and so on. I rotate the entire movement in as if the entire shape were spiraling in space. The movement becomes an improvisation using these components and though it sounds complex, the movement becomes very simple use of curves and loops.
Tim Hurst 11/13/17