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Leg Lift Ease

I Experiment today with a way to practice lifting my legs with ease. Dana Lewis is working me back into Ballet with Pilates exercises. I want to loosen my hips and have fluid movement in my pelvis and legs.

Every morning I rest my pelvis on a 10 inch ball while moving my legs. Ann Arneau of The Pilates Studio in Austin demonstrated how I can use the weight of my legs to loosen the entire area. Without effort, I feel my weight rise and fall. The rise of course is a little trickier to feel the weight on the top side. I use an image of a spiral that rises above my leg and then falls below my leg so that the weight helps in both directions.

So I was doing this exercise this morning and I remembered Dana’s suggestion that while laying down I extend one leg under the other and lift gently with the bottom leg. Wow. The sensation was of ease! Combined with the image of weight rising and dropping, both legs engaged and the bottom leg was a gentle assist to go further in my hip flexors.

I did this with legs straight, bent, and in deep v or frog position. I ended with broad circles returning to legs parallel. Then it is back to Barre to integrate with Reverence and stillness at the end.
Tim Hurst 09/04/17