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My Dance My Center

I just returned from a gathering of Dance Retailers where Ginger and I dance at a once a year party. Finally I understand why it is important for me to dance in public.

First for myself, I get to see how much I can love my movement while being seen. That sounds odd but my usual way of dancing in public is to enter a kind of full on interaction with the entire crowd of people. My awareness expands and I literally dance with everyone there.

This is fine with me except that I lose my center and ride huge waves of Energy where I get lost and often try to do more than my body will handle. None of this is bad except that I need to have a level of awareness in myself that I can return to as Center. From there I can inhale and reflect and rejuvenate any part of me that I have taken too far.

Why do I dance? I dance to learn how these moments work and how I can go beyond my capabilities and at the same time have the awareness to manage my movement and also rejuvenate any areas I over extend.
Tim Hurst 01/23/19