Russian Pointe Rubin Vcut Pointe Shoe


Rubin V-Cut – Pointe Shoes

Rubin (“ruby”) glows and captivates with elegance. The versatility of this pointe shoe has given Rubin unsurpassed popularity among discerning ballerinas. The low crown, wide platform size and slightly tapered box combine to suit a variety of foot shapes, while the pleatless platform gives a polished finish. Pliable, long-lasting shanks support with grace, and Russian Pointe’s revolutionary pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, to highlight the arch while facilitating pointework and minimizing break-in.

Jewels Collection

Perfectly cut for brilliance, the Jewels Collection shines with refinement and sophistication. In a choice of V-cut or U-cut, each Jewels Collection pointe shoe is perfectly cut for brilliance. The pleatless toe platform provides a polished appearance, with crisp edges to enhance balance on pointe. The low crown and sleek heel work together for an elegantly molded fit, while special non-slip leather soles and noise reducing platform construction enhance your on-stage experience. Pliable, long-lasting shanks follow the arch with graceful support.


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