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Search May2017

What I Learn.
My search is personal and a constant reminder that all artists build their own imagery and daily regimes to encourage themselves and to express the results of their search.

What I Want to Learn.
What is the brightness I experience observing dancers and musicians?

I experience them as being “on top of the movement” and “on top of the beat.” Brightness becomes an ease and agility to move in any direction with any variation of quality and emphasis.

I experience also the free flow of energy carrying emotion, sensation, and physicality through every part of their bodies.

I experience the growing of the artist as creating a capsule of themselves, all that they think and feel, and hope in this moment.

What I Want to Experience.
Brightness. I want to experience the brightness that I see in dancers and musicians.

I want to experience being “on top of every movement” with agility and infinite choices for blending movement qualities.

I want to experience the free flow of energy through every part of my body at once.

I want to experience the intersection of all my thoughts, emotions, sensations, and hopes as an expression of my world at this moment.

I want to experience myself as a growing changing melody that rises and falls through a full range of experience.

What I Ask For Myself and Others
I ask for the trust to see my strength and agility grow daily.
I ask for the wisdom to know when I use my skills for harm rather than growth.
I ask for the receptivity to rest and allow all my concerns, insights and goals to wait their time.
I ask for the empathy to notice when someone, even myself, needs encouragement.
I ask for the humility to ask and receive help.
Tim Hurst 05/26/1