Pointe Care Club Subscription

$15.00 / month



Members of Movin’ Easy’s Pointe Care Club will have access to the following perks:

  • Pointe Shoe Reserve Program –  Reserve your pointe shoes for pick up or have them shipped to you for free. Secure your size for when you need it. Receive notices to confirm pickup or ship dates
  • Scheduled Orders – Got a performance coming up?  Schedule your replacements when you need them. Order early to secure your size and the quantities you need for performances,auditions, and intensives.
  • Discounted Pointe Shoe Services – Save money on pointe shoe services such as ribbon and elastic sewing, adding drawstrings, jet glue applications, nail installations and more.

Plus, enjoy these extra benefits:

    • 15% off orders (available within 3-5 days of enrollment)
    • Discounted rates for Loft events, including workshops and Elektra Lab
    • Product giveaways