Ballet Afrique

“Learning expands great souls.” Namibian proverb

Ballet Afrique contemporary dance is a professional dance company comprised of talented and passionate artists. The company employs a synthesis of ballet and modern and African movement to articulate the human condition and spirit through the unbounded art form of dance. Ballet Afrique’s contemporary dance style depicts the energy and grace inherent in Black cultures and uses the cultural significance of the music as the driving forces behind the company’s movement.

8011 Cameron Rd Suite 500 Austin TX 78754-3811 | Phone: (512) 228-7060 |

Below is a list of Ballet Afrique‘s official dress code. Tap the items needed to view products for each class.

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Ballet Afrique Official Required Dresscode 

Academy Classes

Girls Ages 2-4 

Boys Ages 2-4 

Girls Ages 5-6

Boys Ages 5-6 

Girls Ages 7-10

Boys Ages 7-10

Contemporary (All Ages)



African Classes (All Ages)



Cover ups (Highly Encouraged)

  • Ballet Afrique shirt 
  • Sweat pants with logo
  • Studio Jacket with logo


  • Bag
  • Resistance Bands