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The Tapestry Six

To Tapestry Dance Company. 033117. Tim Hurst
Once there were six.
They came together to Listen with us to the roaring that we share.

We came together with the six to make maybe thirty eight.
We came to Listen to the echo between us
because the six had begun a fresh trail into the roar.

I want to feel that roar in my bones so I can ask
for even a small taste of the courage these six have nurtured
and sparkled within themselves.

Of the six there is one, a Samurai of the swift and quiet sword, who leads me to choose the newest freshest version of myself and to stand ready to be that.

There is one, a Shaman of wind and laughter, who ventures into any storm, claims the pearl and shares its treasures promising that the value always lies there within.

There is another one, Samurai and Bull Fighter, whose presence commands that I light a torch and sing with her through every adventure she takes.

And yet another of the six, the slightest, a tight rope walker, running the bridge edge with a speed of propulsion and pause that grasps my breath and makes me remember the continuous song of the squirrel running up the bending twig of a tree.

Ah, the youngest of the six, Tender of the Power, tests each Power given him and gives it back as a reminder that real is real and life is life waiting for us all to live.

My oh my, then strides in the six of six, Mentor and Commander, guiding our entire ship into the roughest unknowns reminding us that our rhythm, our song lies not just inside us but between us. You break open my heart and make me cry for joy the whole night through.

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Ride that Rhythm Song

To Tapestry Dance Company. 033117. Tim Hurst

I want to ride on top of that rhythm.
That rhythm where down rises to up
And where up falls to down

I want to ride there where up waits
in the curve of down to surprise me,
Not just the me I believe is all there is.

I want to ride there in that vulnerability
on that play between you and you and me.

I want to ride there where my smile meets my fear
and says, “Come on! This is the best question yet.”

I want to ride there where the next breath tears a space
for my newest cells to live.

I want to ride that wide highway rhythm expanding our universe
beyond the me I thought I believed.

I want to ride that crowded highway rhythm
where my sound cracks open your sound,
where your crazy laughs and swoops through
the space I thought I had to think.

I want to ride the spark of two sticks clicking, four eyes firing
beyond what possible connections we thought we had.

And then in the quiet of our greatest laughter
We can ride together on our sand together.