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Experiment Brightness

I want to experience the brightness of the dancer when everything is engaged. There is a quality of expectation within a centered energy. Every moment seems fresh.

My experience of this brightness is anticipation of each moment like the experience of a roller coaster just before the first curve downwards. There is a moment of curiosity at the peak of the curve before the momentum and full attention takes over.

Yet I need more clarity than throwing myself into a movement with the hope that my little amount of skill paired with lots of force will get me somewhere near a desired movement.

Instead I want my options to be clear relating to direction, speed, force, dynamics, and tone.
And I want to be able to focus of everything at once. I understand dance as the training to do both. So how do I get to that much brightness?

My feeling from watching dancers is that they are on top of the movement much like a musician is on top of the beat. From the top of the wave, so to speak, the dancer or the musician can choose to navigate within the beat, before or after as the moment seems right. The same applies to emotion, riding on top of the experience to have the agility to navigate toward more or less intensity.

So my experiment is to find the signals that ride on top of my vertebra, on top of the beat, on top of my emotions, on top of the loops and spirals between movements. There is an agility there when the signals are clear and can be varied to be small or large, light or intense.

There is a goal there I do not understand about all this coming from me and shaping me. Perhaps this comes with the fun of being fully engaged in the dance.
Tim Hurst 03/18/17